As part of the “Games, Youth & Learning” project, comparative research was carried out in Italy, Spain, Portugal and Turkey on youth inclusion methods through gamification.  

Through the sharing of games proposed by the project partners which are focused on social inclusion and the sharing of common European values, important results have been achieved that have led to the creation of a Digital Booklet containing recommendations to promote inclusion through gamification. 

The booklet has been translated into the national languages of the four partners involved:  ItalianSpanishPortuguese and Turkish, so as to be accessible to as many young people as possible.  

Through this booklet, based on research in every nation on the discrimination among young people, it will be possible to discover four different inclusive games “Escape Racism” -“Esports -gaming for engagement at school” -“Nedem olmasin? (Why Not?) and “Act 4 inclusion -Life in Theatre”. The booklet also contains interesting recommendations on how to deal with discrimination through non-formal methods while using games for social inclusion. 

The booklet can be downloaded on the Facebook and  Instagram project pages! 

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