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ABOUT – The Institute promotes studies and research in different fields such as innovation, technology and economy, in which members and potential associates participate as research collaborators, technical staff and educators according to their capacities and skills.


Vision and Mission

The Institute aims to create a new vision of education and work, consolidated on the basis of training and in-service training courses, and on direct experience due to participation in the European project management field, always pursuing the objective of improving skills and motivation in the sectors of economic, entrepreneurial, innovative, industrial and social development.

We believe that education, development, and innovation are fundamental values to achieve civic and social progress.

Accademia IRSEI, as a Research Institute, acts as a driving force for activating the community through educational and professional approaches, in order to encourage entrepreneurial spirit and promote social values. This process is necessary for both individual and social development.

The mission of Accademia IRSEI is to foster and support the development of individuals and communities through the creation of innovative tools in both educational and professional fields.



  1. To promote methodological and technological innovation in education and training.
  2. To encourage the development of an entrepreneurial culture through the promotion of entrepreneurial and financial education.
  3. To hold and plan trainings and professional updating courses.
  4. To target its action and activities to people dealing with training, professional updating and career guidance, stages, internships and any type of activity aimed at completing education and integration into the labour market, in accordance with laws in force.
  5. To undertake, promote and support scientific research and documentation programmes.
  6. To disseminate the results of studies, scientific researches and experiments, through any suitable platform to give visibility.
  7. To undertake and promote actions and activities aimed at the reception and social integration of migrant people, in collaboration with institutions and communities that deal with the target.
  8. To participate in creating a sense of community e active citizenship, aiming at the requalification of unused public properties or assets confiscated from organised crime.   


Accademia IRSEI is working in different areas of intervention and with different target groups. The main topics we are addressing are:


  • Vocational education training, higher education and research
  • Courses and further training for teachers of all levels, in cooperation with public and private bodies
  • School and out-of-school activities, workshops, training courses for students of any level, to tackle school dropout
  • Educational sports activities, to promote sport, wellness, social inclusion and raising awareness on sporting values
  • Technical and methodological innovation in education and training
  • Information Communication Technologies: innovation and research
  • Capacity building of third sector organizations, educational institutes and public sector
  • Courses of Italian language for foreigners and other languages for all


#GO4EU Networking Event in Barcelona

#GO4EU Networking Event in Barcelona

On December 14th and 15th IRSEI had the chance of participating to the GO4EU networking event organized by Magenta Consultoria in Barcelona. The Networking meeting is a great way to contact new potential partners and to provide this opportunity to existing partner...

Second DITRAVET trasnational meeting in Dublin

Second DITRAVET trasnational meeting in Dublin

The second trasnational meeting of the DiTravet project was held in Dublin and hosted by City of Dublin ETB at the Liberties College of Further Education, on November 30th and December 1st. Unfortunately, due to problems with flight connections, Accademia IRSEI had to...

“New Ideas for New Opportunities Network” event in Bruxelles

“New Ideas for New Opportunities Network” event in Bruxelles

IRSEI had the honour to be part of the 2021 “New Ideas for New Opportunities” networking event, taking place in Brussels on November 25th and 26th. This yearly event has taken place for the past 6 years, leading to the success of many projects across Europe. The...

Be a part of our new next retail project

Be a part of our new next retail project

Do you own or work for a retail business? Are you interest in benefiting from an English course to grow your business? Fill out this questionnaire to stay update! IRSEI - APS Academy - Research Institute for Development, Economy and Innovation, with other partners, is...

Online questionnaire “Senile dementia and prevention”

Online questionnaire “Senile dementia and prevention”

The IRSEI Academy has developed the online questionnaire "Senile dementia and prevention" aimed at Italian citizens residing in Italy who are at least 50 years old.  The data collected with this questionnaire will allow to carry out an analisys of the Italian scenario...

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