Research and Innovation Institute for Progress 

Do you want to get involved and make a difference?  Do you have a great desire to work with a diverse and talented team that is committed to promoting change in business and financial culture? Accademia IRSEI is the place for you! Our mission is to create a new vision of education and work, consolidated on the basis of educational pathways and training courses, pursuing the goal of improving skills and motivation in the areas of economic, entrepreneurial, innovative, industrial and social development. 

At Accademia IRSEI, we act as a driving force for community activation through educational and professional approaches to strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit and promote social values.  This process is necessary for both individual and social development. 

Only applications made by filling out the google forms will be accepted. For inquiries regarding human resources, please write to 

European Project Management

Project Manager

The Project Manager is in charge of creating and managing European projects, especially taking care of their implementation. He works on different issues, from project initiation to control and closure, following project management techniques and methods. 

  • Coordinating and implementing activities under funded projects, scheduling and managing tasks assigned to IRSEI within consortia
  • Designing and writing new projects for his/her work unit 
  • Independently ensure the quality of the projects under management  
  • Manage the budget, incoming and outgoing 
  • Organize and manage dissemination events to share project results (seminars, conferences) 
  • Coordinate project partners  
  • Train, support and guide colleagues as necessary 
  • Bachelor's degree in disciplines related to the fields of application of Accademia IRSEI (Innovation, Economy, Sustainability, Human Rights, Arts and Culture, Psychology.) 
  • Ability to develop and write a project, or research paper, in the English language 
  • Interest and motivation in the field of social work, research, development and education 
  • Excellent organizational skills and strong autonomy in work, digital mindset and good problem-solving skills, continuous development orientation, forward-looking vision 
  • Previous experience in European design, either in writing or implementation or related areas 

If you are a recent graduate or a young person who wants to embark on a new career path, you have the opportunity to train and develop your potential supported by a mentor and qualified staff within our association. The internship path is based on on-the-job training and includes setting goals for developing skills and knowledge, periodic monitoring meetings, coaching in the use of the Association's tools and working methods, and participation in meetings and activities. The IRSEI Academy internship will allow you to develop your soft and hard skills in a multicultural and international environment, giving you the opportunity to activate professional collaborations with the Association at the end of the learning path. 

Project Office Europlanning

The course is aimed at learning about the main European and international cooperation programs (Erasmus +, COSME, CERV and others). You will be able to learn the techniques, methods and tools of project management by supporting project managers in the implementation of project tasks. 

Accademia IRSEI guarantees support for your academic path by offering you the opportunity to carry out the curricular internship envisaged in the degree program within our offices. The path includes involvement in local and international activities and projects, contact with stakeholders, observation and experimentation with the working methods on which the work team is based. Your mentor of reference will follow you on the learning path and assign you activities in line with the specific skills to be acquired. 

This experience will also enable you to learn how to manage relationships in a work context and adapt your communication style in relation to different partners.  

Curricular internship
You will be able to do your curricular internship in the area of euro design. The basic skills in the learning path will be mainly: work organization, management of responsibilities, use of IT tools, and acquisition of autonomy and knowledge of European design.

If you want to join our team through a spontaneous application or you want to tell us about your interest in mobility or volunteering experiences, tell us something about yourself!