Games, youth and learning: Small-scale partnership to achieve youth inclusion through Gamification tools and experiences


TIMESPAN OF THE PROJECT: 24/01/202224/03/2023


The main objective of the project is to promote inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities through the use of gamification tools and sharing of experience in this area.

The specific objectives will be:

  • To empower young people between 14 and 30 years old who are in a situation of risk of social exclusion.
  • To promote positive attitudes towards diversity in European youth.
  • To share knowledge, experience and good practices carried out previously in the field of gamification and promotion of equal opportunities among youth.
  • To improve the digital competences of youth workers.


  • Needs analysis on the situation of discrimination among young people in their countries.
  • Exchange of good practices in the field of gamification and promotion of youth inclusion.
  • Common tools and conclusions will be identified.
  • Digital booklet containing recommendations for using gamification as a tool to promote inclusion and diversity.


  • Improvement in the practices of each entity with its target group.
  • Collaboration network between European organisations with common goals.
  • Digital booklet of recommendations to promote inclusion through gamification.


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      14 – 90139 Palermo (Italy)


+39 340 352 9333


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