The importance of the educational inclusion of any pupil is now undeniable, however, children with special educational needs (SEN) often lack the opportunity to learn the best and feel included in the educational process.  

As reported in an independent study prepared for the European Commission, children with BES are often placed in separate classes within traditional schools, subject to behaviour-based teaching methods. An approach based on the change of the educational environment instead leads to greater attention to the education of the pupil avoiding school dropout. The use of AR/VR exercises allows students to increase their writing and reading skills and challenge the difficulties of verbal and emotional communication. 

These are the aims of the Bit The Spectrum project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union, which aims to increase the quality of education and assistance for staff working with pupils with BES. 

The research is constantly evolving and includes different methods, from peer tutoring, and cooperative learning to the use of personalized exercises. For more information on different educational approaches go to the following link. 

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