It’s time to meet! The first meeting of the project RS4 Women, Social Inclusion of Women for Better Life Through Sport (project number 101133376-RS4Women-ERASMUS-SPORT-2023 SSCP) took place online.  

The project involves running well-being, rowing, swimming, and Pilates courses with the aim of promoting the social and especially physical inclusion of women (women over 60 and young women with fewer opportunities).  

Through the activities, the participants will be able to bond with each other and feel part of a community, get to know other people by increasing their self-confidence and feel ready for new experiences.  

The courses will take place in Istanbul, Turkey and in Thessaloniki and Greece, in fact, together with the IRSEi Academy the partnership consists of Altınboynuz Sports Club (Turkey) and the Arisostele University of Thessaloniki (Greece).  

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