Talk Retail- International communication skills for retail 


PROJECT NUMBER: 2021-1-IT02-KA220-ADU-000026600
TIMESPAN OF THE PROJECT: 01.02.2022 – 01.04.2024 


  1. Create awareness amongst retail workers of the importance of soft skills and communication skills in international sales 
  2. Provide a self evaluation tool on levels of competence in soft skills and communication skills 
  3. Provide a set of online courses that can be taken at the user’s own pace and time and that adapt to the specific needs in English competence and international communication skills 
  4. Active participation of retail workers in non formal and online learning pathways that motivate to keep learning 
  5. Create opportunities for retail workers and SME owners to connect and collaborate with other retailers around the EU 
  6. Rapport building amongst retails workers and SME owners from different EU countries 
  7. Greater sense of EU citizenship and EU awareness as well as shared values amongst retail workers and SME owners around Europe 
  8. Explicit know how of social media strategies for the retail industry to build international networks


The Talk retail project will create a comprehensive guide to transversal and international communication skills in the retail sector. Online courses will be developed to promote the learning of these skills as well as self-assessment tests for workers in the retail sector to assess their skills in this regard. 


  • O1 Retail Talk Skills (learning material and handbook) 
  • O2 RT Skills Self Evaluation (Evaluation methodology and tool) 
  • O3 Retail Talk Training (E-learning course) 
  • O4 EU Retail Network (networking service and peer-learning) 


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      14 – 90139 Palermo (Italy)


+39 340 352 9333


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