NoCode4BUSINESS – Fostering knowledge and adoption of no-code practices among European entrepreneurs

PROJECT NUMBER: 2021-2-ES01- KA210-ADU-000048382
TIMESPAN OF THE PROJECT: 01/03/2022 – 31/08/2023


NoCode4BUSINESS aims to raise awareness on no-code opportunities and advance so far non-existing research and training on the subject. The competences mostly sought by EU companies and missing among their workers are: ability to solve technical problems with digital tools e.g. prototyping, ability to manage digital identity & digital communication, and ability to elaborate digital content and programming for effective business growth. NoCode4BUSINESS tackles these gaps since it will develop initial training elements on no-code, focusing on prototyping, digital communication & marketing, and business operations’ automatization and scale-up.


  • Activity 1: Desk Research on No code
  • Activity 2: Co-creation of no-code training elements ·
  • Activity 3: Transnational pilot and fine-tuning


  1. Project Handbook covering the following topics:
    • State of the art of no-code in the EU and in the project countries;
    • Selection and description of best practices across the EU and in the project countries;
    • Results of the interactions between partners and stakeholders: representatives of the best practices and entrepreneurs’ answers to the survey;
    • Identification of the potential and the opportunities of no-code for EU entrepreneurs;
  2. Organisation of an international co-creation workshop to jointly collaborate towards the co-creation of the project training elements.
  3. Development of 3 concise and effective training modules on no-code for prototyping, communication/marketing, and business operations’ management.
  4. International pilot and training event with 18 entrepreneurs and 6 partner staff members


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