DITRAVET: Digital Transformation for VET

PROJECT NUMBER: 2020-1-UK01-KA226-VET-094509
TIMESPAN OF THE PROJECT: 01.06.2021 – 31.05.2023


  • Support teachers to provide students with the necessary tools and competences for remote learning. 
  • Update and apply the SELFIE tool with recommendations from WBL  
  • Train teachers about tools that support the digitalization of schools in the field of VET (including tools  for creating online resources and Blended Learning) 
  • Work with VET leaders and teachers to reinvent and innovate teaching 
  •  Develop guidelines and update learning strategies at national/regional level to support online and blended learning for VETschools 
  •  Promote accreditation 


DiTRAVET aims at promoting the development of digital skills and support VET schools, students and families in tackling the digital challenges brought by the COVID19 pandemic. It aims at promoting the development of digital skills and support VET schools, students and families in tackling the digital challenges brought by the COVID19 pandemic.  

  • 6 Transnational Meetings and 6 Multiplier Events 
  • Compilation of good practices and issues found in VET schools and WBL during COVID19 
  • SELFIE assessment and Digital readiness evaluation  
  • Creation of a Curriculum for digital transformation and inclusion of VET schools and WBL 
  • Trainings for students, directors and teachers 
  • Pilot event 
  • Creation of a practical toolkit for digital and inclusive education 
  • Analysis of quality standards for online VET and WBL 
  • Accreditation review 
  • Development of a new Quality assurance framework for VET and WBL industry skills accreditation in digitally transformed ecosystems. 


  • IO1 – 360 Degree review of Digital Transformation VET curriculum for Work-Based Learning 

It will provide a global understanding of the gaps in digitalisation and blended learning for WBL, by taking into account the needs of families, trainers and directors-managers by delivering a digital readiness assessment of the VET schools through the SELFIE platform. 

  • IO2 – Practical toolkit for digital and inclusive education 

The education toolkit aims at supporting: 

  1. Directors of VET schools in leading digital transformation within their organizations, as well as designing and implementing VET  Curriculum Delivery Framework and Teaching and Learning Strategies. 
  2. Teachers in developing high quality, inclusive digital education resources for a set of units that incorporate adaptive learning. 
  3. Students in acquiring basic digital competences 
  • IO3 – Digital Badge: Quality Assurance Framework for the recognition of online training / industrial skills. 

This IO aims to recognise those gaps in online training / industrial skill accreditation. By studying the current EU situation on VET and WBL during the pandemic, it will offer sustainable and relevant suggestions in terms of recognition and accreditation through the use of micro credentials. 


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