CAMPLUS: Empowerment for migrants- from camps to integration


PROJECT NUMBER: 2021-1-FR01-KA220-ADU-000028439 
TIMESPAN OF THE PROJECT: 1.11.2021 – 1.11.2024 


Camplus aims at enhancing empowerment of migrants and at promoting their social and professional inclusion by developing training courses on entrepreneurship, leadership and personal development which be delivered inside the refugee camps of Erbil (Iraq) and Larissa (Greece).  


  • Creation of a toolkit containing a guide and good practices  
  • Creation of a manual for trainers  
  • Training sessions for educators and social professionals who work inside refugee camps 
  • 2 learning sessions addressed to migrants which will take place in the refugee camp of Larissa and in the one of Erbil 
  • Validation of beneficiaries competencies acquired through certification 
  • Creation of a e-learning platform 


  • IO1-Toolkit 

It will bring together a set of documents and manuals that will enable adult trainers to appropriate the specific issue of migrant students. The toolkit will contain a guide (methodological resource), a notebook keeping track of the different stages of the creation process, 10 good practices and assessment tools. 

  • IO2– Manual 

The manual will contain training modules built on the research-action principle whose aim will be facilitating and stimulating lifelong learning, bridging the gap between education and employment. 

  • IO3- E- learning platform 

The app developed will be an open educational resource based on the contents of IO1 and I02 and it will focus on three pillars: multimedia, interactivity and networking. 

The platform will help and accompanies migrants learners into learning processes in total autonomy using quiz, games and other useful tools. 


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      14 – 90139 Palermo (Italy)


+39 340 352 9333


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