On 14 and 15 February Accademia IRSEI APS hosted in Palermo the workshop on No-Code within the project “NoCode4Business” together with the Spanish partner CINK and the Romanian partner EOS.

The workshop was attended by entrepreneurs and startuppers from the three European countries who, together with tutor Cristian Currò, engineer and founder of “NocodeItalia”, had the opportunity to deepen the issues related to the No-Code.

Specifically, the workshop was divided into three modules: Prototyping, Communication- marketing, and efficient management of business operations. 

The tutor shared his experience and advice with the entrepreneurs at the workshop, analyzing the limits and advantages of growing their entrepreneurial idea using programming in No-code.

The tutor also shared tools, and platforms such as BUBBLE, ZPL; AIRTABLE, and various No-Code methodologies to be used by personally advising those present on how to grow their business startups. The meeting was also an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between the partners and organize the next steps, including the meeting to be held in Spain in May.