On March 29, the online closing event of “Job Hunter Pro” has been held. As a closure of the 18 months of project activity, the main outputs and results have been presented to the general public, both in terms of indicators and of expressed feedback from the individuals that have been directly involved.  

During the online event, the Job Hunter Pro Guide has been presented, along with the main knowledge disseminated through it and the impact that it has had throughout the project implementation. After that, the main contents produced after the guide’s realisation have been showcased: among them we can mention the Job Hunter Pro video pills (brief informative videos concerning the Guide’s topics that have been appreciated the most by the project’s target group during the testing phase) and the interviews made with the training participants (during which they could tell about their progresses and achievements months after their training experience); both contents are free and available on Accademia IRSEI’s social pages. 

The project, which is the result of the joint effort of Accademia IRSEI and Asociaciòn Uno, has involved young individuals in an experience that has encouraged them to test themselves and learn more and more about how to approach the world of work in the best way possible. 

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