The main result of the Job Hunter Pro project, the Job Hunter Pro Guide, has been developed, tested, and is finally ready to be shared. 

The main purpose of the Job Hunter Pro guide is to provide youth in transition (or soon to be in transition) with all the necessary information, basic knowledge and know-how around the job market in both Italy and Spain (the two partner countries of the project), the job searching process, the recruitment and all the main steps that compose the job hunting experience. Moreover, the guide also provides many exercises and best practices to develop self-confidence, practice mindfulness, and enhance one’s capabilities to effectively face the world of work. 

The guide has been tested with the voluntary youth who participated in the two training experiences (in Valencia and in Palermo), giving incredible results. In fact, the participants’ feedback has been of the utmost importance to properly assess the content and impact of the guide among youngsters who approach the job market for the first time. 

After a proper assessment and fine tuning carried out by the consortium, the guide has been finalised and made available for the public. 

You can find the final version of the Job Hunter Pro Guide here. 

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