The Star Growth project, supported by the Single Market programme of the European Union, (project number: 101085746) has recently successfully concluded the second round of calls for funding dedicated to small and medium-sized tourism enterprises from rural areas of project partner countries. The call for funding for SMEs in the tourism and eco-tourism sector aims to support the companies selected as winners with grants of € 7,500 each for investments in digital technologies and sustainable practices. 

In particular, in Italy, the call attracted a wide variety of applications from all over the country, demonstrating the growing interest of stakeholders in improving their digital competitiveness and promoting sustainable practices for their facilities. After a careful evaluation process, the selected winners of the funding initiative were announced, facilities that have submitted outstanding applications with excellent potential which will allow them to advance both in digital innovation and long-term sustainability. The proposals of the sectioned structures range from the implementation of cutting-edge digital marketing strategies to the adoption of ecological initiatives that reduce the ecological footprint of tourism activities. The success of this funding initiative underlines the importance of collaborative efforts between public programmes and private enterprises. By investing in the growth and innovation of the tourism sector, the Star Growth project aims to contribute to the competitiveness and overall sustainability of European companies in the global market. 

The Star Growth project team remains committed to monitoring and supporting the progress of the proposals made by the award-winning tourism SMEs in each partner country. The ultimate goal is to show the positive impact that targeted investment in digital and sustainable practices can have on the tourism industry, hoping to inspire further initiatives and progress. 

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