The partners of the Star Growth project recently have met for their 1st interim meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia. 

The meeting served as a crucial milestone for the project, bringing together partners from various sectors to assess the current state of the initiative and strategize the next steps. The release of the grant is anticipated to be a catalyst for SMEs to embrace environmentally friendly practices and leverage digital technologies for enhanced competitiveness. 

During the meeting, participants engaged in a comprehensive discussion about the key objectives of the Star Growth project. Emphasis was placed on the importance of sustainability in the current business landscape and the pivotal role of digitalization in ensuring long-term growth. The partners exchanged insights and experiences on the gone period of the open call. 

The grant, amounting to 7500€, is expected to provide SMEs with the financial impetus needed to embark on sustainability and digital transition initiatives.  

As the meeting concluded, the partners outlined the next steps for the Star Growth project. Clear action plans were established to streamline the grant distribution process and the other milestones of the project.