Obiettivo 4C

TIMESPAN OF THE PROJECT: 29/09/2023 - 29 /09/2026
FINANCING PROGRAM: Il progetto è stato selezionato da Con i Bambini nell’ambito del Fondo per il contrasto della povertà educativa minorile e cofinanziato dalla Fondazione CDP (Cassa Depositi e Prestiti)


The project aims to: 

Addressing Juvenile Education Poverty through Education

a) Strengthening minors’ skills:

– Enhance the foundational skills of minors;

– Reinforce life skills among minors;

b) Empowerment of the educational community:

– Activate integrated spaces and services both within and outside the school;

– Contribute to the reduction of educational poverty.


The project involves the activation of various workshops at IS G. UGDULENA in Termini Imerese, collaborating with the Classical and Artistic High School of Termini Imerese and the Hotel Institute of Caccamo, for a period of three years. These workshops cover various themes aimed at enhancing students’ life skills, STEAM, logical, and social skills. In particular:

  • Escape Room Workshop (A.I.P.M. Alfredo Guido) 
  • Robotics, Coding, and Biostem Lab Workshop (A.I.P.M. Alfredo Guido, Accademia IRSEI)
  • Technology and Art Workshop (TURISMOSICILIA and SICALIANI Cooperative Society)
  • Active Citizenship, Guidance, and Legality Workshop. “Me and Us” digital citizens (SICALIANI Cooperative Society)
  • Innovative Teaching Methods and FABLAB Workshops (NOVI FAMILIA SOC. COOP. SOCIALE A R.L.)
  • Technology and Musical Informatics (Vincenzo Bellini Conservatory of Music)
  • Chess-Boxing Workshop (TURISMOSICILIA)


Over the course of the three years, the project aims to involve a total of 800 students across all three participating institutions.