On March 27, the first online summit of the Phytech Youth consortium (Project N°:2023-1-TR01-KA210-YOU-000167260) has been held. 

Phytech Youth is an Erasmus+ project aimed at informing and empowering youth around an optimal use of digital technologies with physical activity purposes. In fact, its objective concern the collection of all state-of-the-art knowledge in the field of digital technologies employed for physical activity, the results of which will constitute the theoretical framework for the realization and testing of an educational platform about this subject. The impact evaluation of this platform will be later studied by means of a youth training with a target of 30 youth coming from the three partners’ countries. 

The partnership, composed by the Bolu Provincial Directorate of Youth and Sports (Turkey), by the Slovak Sport Organisation (Slovakia) and by Accademia IRSEI (Italy), has discussed and planned the organisation of the next project steps in the months to come: from the systematic literature review of the academic state of the art in terms of digital technologies and physical activity, to the realization of the Phytech Youth online platform. 

The meeting concluded with the start of the work and the division of tasks and roles among the project partners. 

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