After two years of work and collaboration between partners, the Erasmus+ Nature’s Mathematics project co-funded by the European Union (project code: 2021-1-TR01-KA210-SCH-000031471) comes to an end. 

The project involved Mustafa Sabiha Göldelioğlu Anaokulu School partner from Turkey, Graditina cu programma prelungit nr.6 School partner from Romania, Detska gradina N 8 ‘Yuriy Gagarin’ School partner from Bulgaria, Accademia IRSEI from Italy in cooperation with La Piccola Casa nel Bosco, APS Naturalmente. 

The project successfully achieved its objectives: 

The Booklet was created in a full English version, available online for consultation and printing by anyone interested, and in a short version (translated into the languages of the project partners) with a selection of activities described by each partner per thematic module and enriched with teachers’ evaluations of the implementation of the activities. 

The partners worked together intensively to realise the project objectives and to foster awareness of environmental issues through innovative approaches. Thanks to close cooperation, the partners were able to successfully achieve all the objectives set. Accademia IRSEI expresses great pride in the results achieved and thanks all those who contributed to the project, sharing their expertise and experience in an international collaborative context.