Have you ever thought about being able to learn about a city, by playing?  

A GAP training course in Prague has just concluded where our future trainers hosted by Mise HERo learned about gamification techniques and how it can be used as an engagement tool in participatory and sustainable tourism. 

Participants were personally involved in a game of discovering Prague, from the best-known places to the most remote corners of the city while searching for a Hidden Treasure.  

Thanks to the firsthand involvement of the participants in the game it was possible afterwards to deepen The principles of gamification, to analyze all The strengths and weaknesses of the game just played, to understand how this can be a useful tool in participatory tourism.  

The participants will then be the future trainers who will engage local stakeholders and follow them in the development of an urban game, one in each partner country.  

Follow the project to find out how this adventure will turn out!