The third conference of Inclusion Sociale project organized by our Portuguese partner Previform – Laboratório, Formação, Higiene e Segurança do Trabalho, Lda was held in Ponte De Lima last Friday.

This time, the focus was on the social services territorialization, especially the ones dealing with child protection.

Each partner brought a different point of view enriching the day with some insights belonging to its own country and some geography and psychology experts allowed us to catch the situation in Portugal.

We’ve discovered similarities and differences in how each country deal with child protection by highlighting some best practices and fostering the debate on how to improve services and infrastructures.

The conference, held in a great communal space called Clara Penha, was open to the students of Previform who has also the chance to know the consortium and to discover European projects world.

In addition to the conference, the mobility to Portugal paid attention to future collaborations which might support social inclusion and give job opportunities for those who are less advantaged.

Our next meeting will be in Romani, stay tuned!

Thanks to our Portuguese partner for the excellence welcoming!

Know more about the project and its results.

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