On December 7 and 8, partners of the Bit the Spectrum project met in Oulu, Finland for the second transnational meeting. This event will significantly benefit the project’s next steps and outcomes for many reasons. On the one hand, visiting Luovi Vocational College allowed partners to see how Augmented (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) apply to special needs education.

This experience is fundamental for developing the set of exercises using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality technologies.  On the other hand, the two-day meeting was particularly intense and reached fruitful debates among technological, vocational and education experts. Important insights arrived from all the partners and came up with a rich agenda. The following fundamental steps will see the realisation of an interactive course for teachers to increase the learning potential of students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

The expertise of Skills Divers will make this course highly technological and interactive. Instead, the expertise of 3DBear in AR and VR technologies will contribute to the other fundamental step of creating a large set of AR and VR exercises. Good coordination is essential for these activities, and the OTTO-VON-GUERICKE-UNIVERSITAET of Magdeburg is brilliantly coordinating the partnership.

Accademia Irsei will continue updating the BIT THE SPECTRUM website spreading information about such a very innovative and gentle Erasmus+ project.

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