Accademia IRSEI APS has hosted and coordinated the Talk Retail Transnational project meeting in Palermo on 7th and 8th June 2022. The partners have met for the first time in presence to share an overview of the activities carried out since the beginning of the project and to agree on the mid-term horizon. Partners have discussed about the progress of Project Result 1 and the first results emerged by surveys submission. Aim of the surveys is to find out 10 most important talk retail skills, upon which to build microlearning short tutorials. The most outstanding skills until that moment are: 

  • Website management;
  • Online marketing;
  • The use of social networks;
  • Mediation skills. 

Afterwards, partners have discussed about the progress of Project Result 3. First of all, partners explained what is meant for microlearning in every of the partners country and its domain of application in the educational field. It was a good moment to brainstorm about the content, format, animation, style and scheme that the microlearning course should have.  

From now on, a really intense period is upcoming, partners will finalise the collection of surveys and will start soon to work on the first two microlearning courses that will represent the main deliverable of the project. 

Keep yourself up to date with the news of the project.  

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