On 27th June, ACT project has just concluded one of the activity, the product testing!

During these months, Meridian Learning Center and Accademia IRSEI-APS have worked hard to create a good teaching course based on smart practical solutions gathered all around the world to global environmental problems.

The course, delivered online, consisted of 12 classes dealing with water shortage, reforestation, renewable energy, recycling, growing food in harsh conditions and daily eco-tips to live in a more sustainable way addressed to young people coming from Denmark and Italy.

In the last class, the students became the teachers!

In fact, participants had to prepare their own presentation to show sustainable project/initiative/company that inspires them and that was amazing!

The involvement of the participants as well as their visible passion to these themes was incredible and we do really believe that from now on they will start to think about more environmental solutions and pursuing an environmental friendly lifestyle.

Therefore, this digital journey worked!

But, it may have been not perfect.

That’s why it was a testing course and part of the activity was to collect participants feedback after each lessons to know where we could improve in terms of contents, length of the classes and interactivity.

From that, we will rethink our course and go toward the second activity, the virtual training modules, that could be integrated into the curriculum of many subjects of formal education, as well as vacation programs, summer camps and international programs mobility.

A big thank to all the participants for this success!

Stay tuned, we are about to organize a clean-up event where your presence will be fundamental and a final workshop!

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