BitTheSpectrum project had its first transnational meeting in Magdeburg, Germany, inside a fantastic museum dedicated to Otto Von Guericke, a very important scientist who also gave the name to the University of Magdeburg, coordinator of the project.

The meeting focused on learning more about the target group’s needs that the project addresses to, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) students, and on the technology that will be used, Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR).

Partners have expertise on that, especially Luovi and 3D Bear, so it was a very productive and interesting day.

We discussed about the research that we are carrying on about ASD educators awareness about the use of technology and we also planned the future steps, like the setting of focus group and the definition of a curriculum; when these phases will be finished partners will develop the first project result, an online training course for teachers dealing with ASD. And that’s only the beginning!

This meeting gave also partners the chance to visit one centre specialized in VR and AR scenarios to see how we can cooperate and brainstormed on which type of scenarios we could develop to support ASD people learning.

The visit was very inspiring and we had also lot of fun finding ourselves among trees before and right after on a moving train!

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