IRSEI has coordinated the Talk Retail monthly online meeting project on Thursday 12/05/2022.

The partners have met to share an overview of the activities carried out since the beginning of the project and to agree on the next activities before the next transnational meeting in Palermo.

The project is now accessing its crucial stage, as the next step foresees the involvement of local business retailers to jointly identify the 10 talk retail skills needed to successfully get into the export sector.

A preliminary feasibility analysis of the project led through a sample of interviews, has shown that the majority of respondents wants to improve their international sales and that they agree that effective communication in English is important for that, but only few of them can communicate at above intermediate level.

Therefore, there’s a massive need to improve international communication skills amongst those who work in small retail businesses. However, effective communication in not just about speaking different languages. It has also to do with one’s soft skills and communication skills.

They have an enormous impact on the effectiveness of one’s communication with a client, being it in English or in your native language.

Therefore, the project aims to inform and teach what effective communication really is in the retail business.

If you are reading the article and you are willing to contribute to the project, feel free to fill this survey (link) and help us to spread it to interested stakeholders. It will enable us to grasp the most outstanding skills that business retailers want to improve in order to go international so that we can tailor effective training courses.

Thanks in advance for your precious support.

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