It’s been long time from the very first meeting of ACT project.

We were so excited to begin this adventure that we started planning project activities even before the project starting date.

ACT,  Practical Sustainability Learning for Youth is a project funded by Erasmus+ programme that involves Meridian Learning Center, as coordinator, from Denmark and Accademia IRSEI APS from Italy; it will last 6 months until August.

Meridian Learning Center was born by the idea of travelling around the world and looking for the smartest sustainable practices which need to be spread and inspire the ones that want to do something for our planet.

One of the main objectives of Accademia IRSEI, as a research institute, is to enhance new educational tools and to promote sustainability in its social, environmental and economic dimension.

Therefore, the cooperation between these organizations is really working and, after researches and studies, is about to develop and deliver online courses addressed to young people and organization.

The course will concern sustainability and most of all innovative practices all around the word which on one side help local and, sometimes vulnerable, communities in getting access to resources and, on the other, find new solutions to live in a more sustainable way.

The last part of the course will consist of a brainstorming workshop where an international team of participants will develop ideas on how to deal with local environmental challenges in their regions.

ACT’s objective is to foster a practical attitude toward environmental issues, shifting the focus from problems to smart and innovative solutions which can be replicated all over the world.

Stay tuned and get ready, you won’t believe how many amazing practices are already taking place!

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