On 17th March it was held online the first meeting of the “Nature’s Math” project which will last until 2024.

At the core of this project there are schools, children and the environment.

Nature’s Math is a project funded by Erasmus+ programme that involves three schools, Mustafa Sabiha Göldelioğlu Kindergarten, which is the coordinator (from Turkey), GRADINITA CU PROGRAM PRELUNGIT NR.6 ( from Romania), Detska gradina N 8 “Yuriy (from Bulgaria) and one NGO from Italy, Accademia IRSEI-APS.

All the schools are Kindergarten so they deal with very little children who thanks to the project will improve cognitive and social skills and, most of all, develop environmental awareness, responsibility and love.


Partners will develop and implement creative training modules based on games and new teaching methods through which students will discover and experience environmental and mathematics education, essential for developing problem solving skills as well as awareness on global issues.

Once analysed, tested and improved thanks to partners feedback, these modules will be gathered into a booklet (IO1) which will be integrated into the educational program of schools in the upcoming years.

To enhance awareness, it will also be created a botanical garden (IO2) in school gardens which will contain seeds coming from different countries brought by partners during their transnational meetings.

From the very first moment of the online meeting, all partners were in tune between each other and strongly motivated to prepare a permanent environmental and mathematics education road map to improve students skills, awareness and knowledge and to give them useful tools for their future.

All of this will be enriched by the cooperation between different countries with different school systems.

Now, it’s time for partners to produce some logos for the project, vote for the best one and start working!

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