On 9th March it was held online the kick off meeting of SENIOR project.

It was the first time that the partners met each other and could discuss and shared their ideas about a project that is really founded on sharing and exchanges.

SENIOR, Social European Ngos together for Inclusion and cultural eRitage is a project funded by Erasmus+ programme that involves three NGOs: MotiMera (the coordinator) from Sweden, UNO from Spain and Accademia IRSEI-APS from Italy.

The idea of the project was born by looking at the phenomenon of ageing in Europe. More and more people live longer but they usually suffer from social isolation and the pandemic has worsened the situation. Anyway, they are not only those who need help, because they are also custodians of cultural traditions and past history which are being lost and that can be conveyed to younger generations.

 Therefore, the goal of SENIOR is to enable and foster intergenerational exchanges allowing, on one hand, young people to support elderly in learning digital practices useful to participate actively in the life of community, and, on the other, to give the young the opportunity to know and learn the cultural heritage from the elderly. During SENIOR first meeting, partners have talked about the very objectives of the project, social inclusion and bridging the social divide, which will be reached by realizing the following work packages:

  • Research phase
  • Testing phase
  • Digital platform.

The research phase will be the core of the project since it will show what are the needs of elderly people, which are the places where intergenerational exchanges happen and which are the activities that can ease them; then, partners will collect best practices to propose a model of intergenerational encounters.

Another important point that emerged during the meeting and which all agreed on was to adopt a gender perspective in every activity of the whole project to grant more equality and inclusion.

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