From 2 to 4 March, the first European seminar on inclusion and child protection in Europe supported and financed by the Erasmus+ programme, was held at the Centre Omnisport in Mâcon. Actors from the field of education, child protection and civil society were all present.

Organised by the young association EUROPAFORM71 based in Mâcon, its objectives are to promote active European citizenship in favour of young people with special needs. With the aim, in the future, to establish links and organise Erasmus+ mobilities

This project includes 4 seminars over a period of 18 months. The next seminar will be held in Palermo (Italy) on the 26th and 27th May. The other two seminars are planned respectively in Portugal (16-18, November 2022) and in Romania (1-3, March 2023). 

5 countries are participating in the project: Turkey, Italy, Romania, Spain, Portugal and France.  

At the European level, the objectives are as follows

  • To know the different child protection policies, based on the socio-historical evolution of the policies, the different actors, the sources of funding
  • To encourage cooperation by promoting, in the short term, the trans-European mobility of supervisors, educators, trainers and teachers and, in the medium term, of young people young people

The needs identified are at 3 levels

  • To move from an integrative or even segregative logic to an inclusive logic in the reception of children and adolescents under child protection
  • To provide the different actors in child protection with a common culture necessary for a quality partnership
  • To create an evolving database of good practices fed by the contributions of the partners during the seminars and accessible to the different actors of child protection
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