Project Name: Circular economy from social enterprises to their customers 
Project number: 2020-1-AT01-KA202-078021 
Duration: From 01.09.2020 to 31-08-2023 
Funded by: Co-funded by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union 
Coordinator: ARGE AbfallvermeidungRessourcenschonung und nachhaltige Entwicklung GmbH (Austria) 
Partners: Accademia IRSEI – Research Institute for Development, Economics and Innovation – APS (Italy); APROXIMAR- COOPERATIVA DE SOLIDARIEDADE SOCIAL, CRL (Portugal); Asociatia pentru Educatie si Dezvoltare Durabila (Romania); ACEEU GmbH (Germany); Neotalentway (Spain); ASOCIATIA EUROPEAN ASSOCIATION FOR SOCIAL INOVATION (Romania); Associação IBIS – Initiative Beira Inovação Social (Portugal). 

The first meeting of the project “Circular economy from social enterprises to their customers” (Circular Loops) was held on October 27, 2020. The project will end in 2023 and it involves 8 partners from 6 European countries: ARGE (coordinator), Austria; Aproximar, Portugal; AESD, Romania; Accademia IRSEI, Italy; ACEEU, Germany; Neotalentway (Spain); EASI (Romania); IBIS (Portugal). 

Circular Loops aims to promote and foster the circular economy approach within social enterprises through the creation of a transferable package of resources. These resources will seek to improve knowledge of the social circular economy and support managers in the effective implementation of this approach inside their companies. The main results of the project include the creation of a catalogue containing 35 practices for the implementation of circular economy within social enterprises and a methodology for the development of the circular approach. Managers will attend courses on the subject and join a mentoring program that will help them put in practice what they have learned within their company. 

Due to the global COVID-19 emergency, the kick-off meeting took place online. The event was organized by the Austrian coordinator ARGE and it allowed to discuss in detail the structure and main features of the project (objectives, expected results, methodology, etc.). The partners got to know each other and present their skills, clarifying how they will contribute to achieving the objectives.

The meeting proved to be particularly productive and interesting as the partners, in addition to having agreed on the actions to be taken to proceed with the start of the project, had the opportunity to take part in a first presentation on the theme of the circular economy for social enterprises, held by the CEO of RepaNet (Austria). During the meeting it was decided that the Teams platform will be set up to allow partners to discuss and choose the logo to use. Once the logo will be chosen, dissemination templates will be created.

The coordinator will soon announce specific deadlines for the realisation of the activities, while ACEEU will send the partners the criteria with which to identify the social enterprises. 

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